Dozens of Brit Homes Destroyed

AND Mollina Trailer Park Fire 02A trailer or prefab, mobile-home park, in the province of Málaga, where the majority of residents are British, was mostly destroyed by fire on Sunday.

Fire services tackled the blaze in the Fiesta Lazy Days holiday park in Mollina (locally known as the English Camping) both from the ground and the air, bringing it finally under control two hours later at 19.00h.

Fortunately, despite the number of homes destroyed and there being around 90 people in the park at the time, nobody was hurt.

The stunned residents who lost their holiday homes (in some cases, their only homes) were put up in a local youth centre called the Centro Eurolatinoamericano de Juventud (Ceulaj) if they could not find friends or relatives to stay with .

Despite the intensity of the flames, the fire did not extend outside the campsite. As mentioned above, the majority of residents are British but there are many Dutch and other foreign residents who own homes there, too.

The Mayor of Mollina, Eugenio Sevillano, explained that 40 homes had been completely destroyed and 70 residents had to find elsewhere to stay. The youth centre, which had until then been empty, received many donations from local residents in the form of food and clothing.

“The way the townsfolk have responded to the situation has been absolutely fantastic,” one British couple said.

(News: Mollina, Malaga, Andalucia)

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