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British Yachtsman Rescued

By Martin Myall

A British yacht had to be taken into tow Wednesday morning by Salvamento Marítimo and brought into Marina del Este. »

Elderly British Woman Mugged

By Vivienne Hughes

A young man in Almería was arrested after allegedly mugging an elderly British woman. ripping off three necklaces that she was wearing. »

Brit Family Abandon Dog

By Vivienne Hughes

The Guardia Civil in Almuñécar informed three Brits that they are being investigated over a case of alleged animal cruelty. »

British Child Pool Death

By Vivienne Hughes

A British child died near La Viñuela on Thursday in a small hamlet called Los Romanes after falling into a swimming pool where his family was staying. »

Elderly British Woman Rescued

By Vivienne Hughes

On the 24th of April, the control room of the Torrox Policía Local received a call concerning a person in difficulties in the surf on the Torrox beach. »

Brit on The Run Arrested

By Vivienne Hughes

Officers belonging to the Policía Nacional in Benidorm (Alicante) arrested a British man on the run, accused of sexually abusing his step-daughter. »

Brit Teens in Suicide Pact

By Martin Myall

A teenage couple of British nationality announced on Instagram that they were going to kill themselves by jumping from a high building - the boy did. »

False British Identity

By Editor

A 79-year-old driver ran into three parked cars and then hit an oncoming one in Torrox on Avenida Esperanto at the beginning of March. He then fled the scene. »

Sadly British

By Martin Myall

A British woman has made the Spanish news for failing miserably to care for her toddler - she could be charged for child abandonment. »

Huge Almuñécar Cocaine Bust

By Martin Myall

(COE05) There has been a drugs bust in Almuñécar involving an incredible 1.2 tonnes of cocaine. Amongst others, a British lorry driver was arrested. »

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