The Spoken Language of Salobreña

SAL Linguistic Study on How Salobreñeros Speak OnLA student at the Universidad de Granada, Alejandro Rubio Jiménez, decided to do his graduate thesis on how the people of Salobreña speak.

The Spanish spoken in Andalucía, with its provincial variations, is difficult to grasp, unless you are Andalusian yourself or have learnt Spanish here – Salobreña is no exception.

Yes, neighbouring Motril has the accessibility of a Medieval chastity belt and the musicality of bagpipes with two cats and a hedgehog inside, admittedly, but dear, sweet Salobreña certainly also has its ‘peculiarities.’

Anyway, the lad, who is a Sanitex (from Granada) but spends his summers in Salobreña, set about interviewing 22 people of different ages and backgrounds and then sat down and studied in depth the material collected. The result was top marks for his work, probably because the university professor who evaluated his work had to take the student’s word for what the interviewees were saying.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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