Granada Shootout

GRA City Centre Shoot Out 03There was a shoot out in plain daylight in Granada yesterday after a man wrestled a policeman’s regulation fire arm from him.

The incident took place on Calle Cárcel Baja in the city centre (next to the cathedral) around 20.15h and resulted in the man being taken to hospital with several bullet wounds.

It started when an officer belonging to the Policía Nacional stopped a man of African origin as he was walking along the said street where it joins Calle San Jerónimo. The police were there because they had received a call from locals from the area complaining that there was a man who was bothering passersby.

The police asked him for his ID but he refused to provide it, claim the officers, which then resulted in a scuffle. One of the police officers received a shove and fell to the ground which was when the man grabbed the fallen officer’s gun.

The reaction of the other officer was to shoot the now armed man who slumped down a wall, wounded, but who refused to drop the gun. The officers took shelter behind a rubbish-collection lorry because the man was waving the gun at them.

In all, the man received three gunshot wounds, one of which was to his side between the ribs. He was then rushed to the hospital (Trauma)

During the confrontation the Policía Local cordoned off the area because curious locals were coming out to investigate the sound of gun shots.

Dozens of police wagons and patrol cars arrived fearing a prolonged situation but it was all over in minutes.

During the night surgeon at the hospital managed to patch up this 32-year-old Senegalese citizen, who apparently has a record of confronting the authorities. The three bullet impacts were one in calf and two in the abdomen, however all three had exit wounds.

July 28, 2020

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, andalucia)

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