Confirmed: Granada Loses Airline

GRA Granada AirportEasyJet has now officially announced the suspension of its Granada flights, explaining that the reason behind the decision was the Covid-19, health crisis.

Owing to the drop in demand, the company finds itself having to reduce 30% of its staff and “optimise its network of destinations and operational bases.” For this reason flights to and from Milan, Naples, Berlín, Nantes, Bordeaux, Manchester and London have been axed.

This loss of flights from Granada Airport follows the decision of Vueling to drop its Paris flight last year.

This latest move has reduced the direct flights out of airports by half, more or less, leaving the internal flights to and from Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Bilbao, Madrid. The only good news is that the low-cost companies Volotea and Vueling have started connections with Menorca and Ibiza.

Does this mean that easyJet is packing up to leave for ever? No, but the company says that it doesn’t expect the demand to reach 2019 levels until 2023, which is indicative of intent.

GRA Ghost FlightsEditorial comment: anybody who visits easyJets’ website, will see that it appears to still offer flight between September 2020 and May 2021, but as their staff at the airport has been told to dismantle the office, pack up and pull out, it belies the content of the website; i.e., that flights will be available come September.

I just tried booking a flight from Granada to London on the 12th of September, returning on the 6th of October and it gave me these prices: €20.99 outbound and €27.45 return. Go figure…

(News: Granada Airport, Andalucia)

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