Reader: What’s Behind Roadworks

SAL Molvizar RoadworksDoes anyone have any more information about all the roadworks that have been going on along the GR-5300 just outside Molvizar?

It’s been going on for weeks. Looks like they are installing a new sewer line, which is my guess.

Would love to know for sure as I live in the area. I get whiffs of where the sewage comes out at the moment, which is released untreated into the dry riverbed next to our house.

Would love to know that this problem will soon go away. Thanks!


(News/Reader’s Letter: Molvízar Roadworks)

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  1. June 29, 2020 at 5:34 pm

    Hi, I went through there this morning and spoke with one of the workers there. He confirmed that they were laying a rain-drain system and a sewage pipe. The latter would be connecting up with a sewage treatment plant.

    As for when it would be concluded, he said that he didn’t know and that I should ask the foreman of the main company – he worked for a subcontracted company on the project.


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