Double Scam

SPN Holiday Rental ScamsThe Policía Nacional have cracked an online scam targeting people looking for holiday accommodation all over the country. Five arrests were made in Alicante.

The police calculate that the fraudsters obtained around 250,000 euros thanks to false online adverts. The properties were advertised at attractive, below-market prices and once somebody took the bait they were asked to make an up-front deposit.

Furthermore, they were asked to send a photocopy of the ID card so that they could “fill out the details of the rental contract.” However, this information was used to carry out identity theft in order to obtain bankcards in the victims’ names.

In most cases the victims didn’t realised that they had been duped until they turned up at the door of the ‘holiday rental’ and found an irrate owner asking what the hell they were going on about.

(News: Alicante, Valencia)

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