Another Disappearing Pool

SPN Another Collapse Pool 01A detachable swimming pool with a capacity of 8,000 litres caused the floor beneath it to collapse. Bear in mind that 8,000 litres weights eight tonnes.

The incident took place in Elda (Alicante) around 06.30h yesterday morning when the pool was not in use and nobody was in the sitting room beneath it.

Three adults and four children live in the  house and one of them, a 37-year-old man, had to be attended to over an anxiety attack One of the children was also treated for an injury to his leg.

The pool had been set up on a terrace above the sitting room but the support beams were unable to support the concentrated weight of the water in such a reduced space. If the pool had a diametre of 3.5m and contained 8,000 litres, that’s 727 kilos per sq/m. OK, I had to take my shoes and socks off for that one, so you might want to double check that figure.

The fire service arrived and evacuated the seven residents from inside the house using an extending ladder as the lower floor wasn’t safe for them to pass through. Fire personnel also checked out neighbouring dwellings to see if they had suffered any structural damage.

(News: Elda, Alicante, Valencia)

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