Political Favouritism?

ALM Playa SeguraThe Mayor of Salobreña is not a happy bunny over the Junta awarding Almuñécar the first Andalucía Segura distinction.

Salobreña Town Council had spent several weeks leading up to the Almuñécar decision, submitting the right paperwork etc in order to have its beaches qualified in this manner.

The Councillor for Tourism & Beaches, Gabriel Alonso, considers what has happened as “institutional disloyalty” on the part of the Partido Popular, which govern the Andalusia Regional Government as well as holding the mayoralty in Almuñécar – Salobreña, on the other hand, has a socialist (PSOE) mayor.

Councillor Alonso also denounces the fact that the Andalusian PM, Juanma Moreno has visited the Costa Tropical, but only the towns governed by his party.

He concluded by pointing out that starting back during the winter they have been working on obtaining this certificate for the town’s three beaches: The Bandera Azul for El Peñón-La Guardia, the Q-de-Calidad for La Charca and the ISO 14001 for the Punta del Río.

When the Lock Down came around, all administrative traffic was stopped as most offices were physically closed. Had that not been the case, the Councillor considers, Salobreña would already have had those certificates for the beaches.

Editorial comment: what riled the Mayor was when the PP spokesperson, Gustavo Aybar, criticised the Town Council for not having obtained the said recognition for its beaches.

The fact is that politicians are… well… politicians, and many think nothing of using their administrative positions to score points against their rivals even though the inhabitants of a targeted town become the collateral damage of their petty snubs.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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