Mask Price Topped

SPN Surgical MasksThe Minister for Health, Salvador Illa, announced that the Comisión Interministerial de Precios de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios has set a maximum price for surgical masks.

The decision to set a maximum price of 96 cents per mask was made because of speculation and pure abuse within the market.

Before the crisis a normal mask would cost about 60 cents, according to the type whereas now they’re costing between eight and ten euros per item.

Furthermore, the minister said that they would be doing the same for more health products, and as in the case of masks, they will act if they find cases of abuse.

As for the use in public, it is only recommended and not obligatory. According to Sr. Illa, as long as people maintain the safety distance of two metres, wash their hands thoroughly and maintain personal hygiene in general, they needn’t wear a mask.

Editorial comment: the minister did not explain if that maximum price of 96 cents included all types of masks, as there are many types, varying in complexity and efficiency. If that price reflects the top-quality masks (FFFP), then the simple ones must cost less, logically.

(News: Spain)

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