Love vs. The Lock Down

GRA Via Verde MartosA romantic remedy for Covid-19? No, It’s the story of a young man who decided to ask his girlfriend to marry him, in person, and to hell with the Quarantine.

Now, this wasn’t just a case of hopping over the garden fence, but a route march along a hiking path in Jaén called La Vía Verde, from his home in Torredonjimeno to her home in Martos por La Vía Verde.

When he arrived at her door he was greeted by her father; something that is never a good start. The father heard him out, nodded understandingly, knuckled back a tear of emotion and then told him to bugger off home.

From a safe distance, however, the 20-year-old told the paternal sentinel that he wouldn’t budge until he had spoken to his True Love. The father pulled something out of his pocket and pointed it at the lad but thankfully it was only a mobile phone. He said he was going to call the Guardia Civil. The lad remained.

The police arrived with a sigh and told him to sling his hook, too, but again, Romeo said that nobody would shift him until he had spoken to his Juliet.

Visibly moved they physically moved him towards the patrol car, but despite his latching onto an iron fence, they prised him off. Yet before they could fold him up and stuff him into the car he escaped and returned to the front door.

They finally managed to arrest him and drive him away to appear before a magistrate in Martos who handed him down a 360 euros fine.

Was his girlfriend impressed and swooning before such determination, or was she so embarrassed that she never wants to see him again. One thing is for sure, the father and the Guardia Civl certainly don’t.

(News: Martos, Jaen, Andalucia)


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