Cycling under the Influence

SPN Drunk in charge of a bicycleA check point manned by the Guardia Civil in O Porriño (Galicia) stopped a cyclist who not only was breaking the quarantine but was also drunk.

This incident took place around 21.00h on the 16th between Atios and Torneiros when the policemen saw a cyclist visibly wobbling, approaching the check point.

When they pulled him over he smelt of alcohol so they breathalysed him, giving a positive reading of 0.66 mg/l. Furthermore, it was not the first time that this local from the nearby town had been caught ‘drunk-at-the-handlebars.’

The cyclist who explained, as best he could, that he was off to buy cigarettes, even though at that hour they were closed.

The police listened, understandingly, then fined him for cycling without a helmet, under the influence and breaking the quarantine.

Editorial comment: Yes!

(News: O Porriño, Galicia)

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