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Peña Escrita Cycle Race

By Martin Myall

Things to do on a baking-hot, Andalusian, August day... What about cycling up 1,200 in height along 37 kilometres. Yep, me neither. »

Fines for Cyclists

By Martin Myall

If you are like me and live up the Cabra Montes road, cyclists are not on your Xmas-card list... so here's something to cheer you. »

Cyclists in Road Accident

By Hugh MacArthur

There was an accident in Vélez de Benaudalla on Saturday involving a collision between two cyclists on the entrance road to the village. »

Vuelta Reaches Almuñécar

By Martin Myall

Good news and bad news... the Vuelta de España cycling race will be passing through Almuñécar before heading up the old Cabra road to Granada. Yes, that's good news for fans and bad news for absolutely everybody else. »

Foreign Cyclist Killed

By Vivienne Hughes

A driver knocked over nine cyclists yesterday in Mallorca in the Balearic Islands, seriously injuring several of them. »

Dutch Driver Kills Cyclist

By Hugh MacArthur

This time is was a Dutch citizen that knocked down a cyclists and killed him. It happened on the same stretch of road as a previous incident resulting in five such deaths. »

Drivers vs. Cyclists

By Martin Myall

In the space of only a week there have been three cases of drivers, two of them under the influence of alcohol or drugs, in one instance both, ploughing into groups of cyclists. »

Angry Bees vs Cyclists

By Hugh MacArthur

A group of cyclists was attacked by a swarm of bees within the municipality of Vélez Benaudalla - the video has gone viral with over 86,000 hits. »

Peña Escrita Mountain Park Race

By Anne Eastwood

Just when you thought it was time to relax into the summer rhythm, along comes another major sporting event this Sunday 15th June, in our own coastal oasis! »

Bare Butt Biking

By David Darby

It started in Vancouver, Canada way back in 2004 and has become an annual even, with cities throughout the world taking part. This year we are talking about Mexico City… and, of course, the Annual Naked Bike Day. »

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