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Missing The Lock Down?

FTR Agoraphobia

Before you utter, “weirdo”, and slam the lid shut on your laptop computer, just admit, deep down, that you do. Let me explain. Living at the top of a mountain road there was a blissful absence of annoying cyclists, bikers and Anglophile drivers using the wrong side of the road. With a little over a…

Vuelta Reaches Almuñécar

ALM Vuelta de España 2018

Good news and bad news… the Vuelta de España cycling race will be passing through Almuñécar before heading up the old Cabra road to Granada. Yes, that’s good news for fans and bad news for absolutely everybody else.

Drivers vs. Cyclists

SPN Cyclists Knocked Down.JPG

In the space of only a week there have been three cases of drivers, two of them under the influence of alcohol or drugs, in one instance both, ploughing into groups of cyclists.