Bogus Covid-19 Doctors

SPN José Ángel GonzálezFirst it was bogus gasmen now it’s bogus medical personnel who call at the doors, claiming they have to carry out an obligatory tests – it’s not true. 

With the excuse of disinfecting the victim’s house, they instead clean out all their valuables and cash.

The Deputy Director of Operations for the Policía Nacional, Superintendent José Ángel González reported that they had received numerous complaints via their emergency number 091 about criminals posing as medical personnel, using the excuse of combating Coronavirus to gain entrance and steal valuables whilst the owner is distracted by one of their number – they operate in pairs.

For this reason, he recommends that elderly people (the preferred targets) do not let people into their dwellings if they have the least doubt about the caller.

He also warned against an Internet scam that is circulating on Twitter using the hashtag geolocalización, claiming to be an app created by the Government giving up-to-date news on COVID-19 – in reality it’s a system to track the user.

(News: Spain)

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