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A Miracle!

A gas-installations company, based in Málaga, will give 300 euros back to a Nerja resident after he complained to the Consumers Rights Office (Oficina Municipal de Atención al Consumido). The company had originally charged 362 euros.

Gasman Ruse Hits Nerja

Over on the Granada side of the provincial boundary, reports of the gasman scam have been numerous – indeed one of them called at the door of our Editor, but now reports are coming in from Nerja, as well.

Watch Out for the Gasman!

Watch out for the gasman! This is an affair close to heart, as it has affected a dear friend, as it is also affecting many people who are unaware of how they stand regarding butane-gas-inspections. Read on.

Bogus Gasman

Beware, the bogus gasman cometh! Seriously, we have had a report that someone has turned up at an elderly resident’s house claiming to be there on behalf of Butano, and that he needed to check the occupants appliances.