Immigrants Can’t Be Sent Back

MOT Immigrants Arriving at PortOne of the consequences of this present situation is that illegal immigrants picked up out to sea and brought to port, can’t be sent back.

The reason why is that just before Spain went into Lock Down, Morocco shut its ports and airports to traffic with Spain (12th), therefore, there is no way of sending these arrivals back to North Africa.

In other words, the accord between the two countries where immigrants are returned to Morocco is not in effect.

In fact, on the very day that Morocco announced its decision, 22 North-African immigrants had already been brought into Motril Port aboard a Guardia Civil vessel. They have since been sent to Almería because Motril’s holding facilities are obsolete and completely inadequate.

This means that Magrebies (North Africans) will be treated the same as Sub-Saharans, who are handled by the state and NGOs.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia).

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