Another Biker Accident

SAL Biker Accident near N-340 GarageThis time the accident occurred in Salobreña around 10.00h yesterday morning on the N-340 and involved a car, as well.

The exact spot can be seen in the photo where there is sand next to a buckled crash barrier, just past the gasolinera.

The biker was seriously injured in the collision whilst the driver was only slightly injured.

On a different topic, there was a fire down near the Guardia area of Salobreña on Wednesday – we’ve been too busy with the health-crisis-related articles to squeeze this one in before.

The fire was reported by a resident around 22.00h between La Caleta and La Guardia, amongst wild sugarcane, requiring the presence of the Motril fire service.

The old factory had to open its gates to let the fire vehicles through and provide water to fight the fire as the wild sugarcane reaches up to their perimeter wall.

Around 700 sq/m of vegetation was consumed but fortunately no damage was done to homes or parked vehicles, according to the Mayor, María Eugenia Rufino,  how the fire was caused remains unknown.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: Radio Salobreña)


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