Armed And Not Very Friendly

SAL Sod Off KnifeThe Costa Tropical was a bit touchy yesterday with a shooting in Motril and a man with a look of having ‘few friends’ getting arrested with a long knife.

Sticking with Salobreña (we’ll do a separate Motril one over the shooting) the Policía Local stopped a man who was walking through the streets during the early hours of yesterday, armed with a sod-off, 20-cm blade,  knife… and it wasn’t for opening letters.

The man, who is a Spaniard in his 40s,  stomped along streets in the town centre around 07.45h shouting threats. Witnesses along the Avenida del Mediterráneo reported this to the police, who gingerly turned up and drew their service side arms.

Nobody was shot, stabbed or slashed and the man was led away to the Guardia Civil post where he was remanded in custody. Things didn’t end so well over in Motril, but that’s another story.

Editorial note: the Spanish say, “con una cara de pocos amigos” which translates for “with a mean face.”

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)


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