False Accusation Backfires

provincial lawcourts of granadaIt has been proven that M.P.Q., falsely accused her ex husband, J.I.C, of having thumped her in the face, which consequently led to his arrest and being held in custody.

As a result of this false accusation, she received a year’s suspended sentence and a fine of 1,200 euros. But it doesn’t end there because she also has to pay her ex 17,915 euros in damages. On the other hand, her ex was acquitted and released.

The incident goes back to the 2nd of June, 2015 when she reported her ex-husband for having thumped her in the eye during the early hours of the previous day. However, she had made it up.

Consequently her ex-husband went through a good dose of misery ending in his appearing before a judge accused of gender violence.

Judge Antón Henares, who presided over the hearing, was not convinced by the supposed victim’s account from the beginning and before long the woman found herself instead standing as the accused before another judge, charged with perjury

He considered that the woman, who is from Granada, had shown a “manifestly contradictory behaviour” during the hearing. The fact that she had not reported the alleged attack that same day, but waited until the next evening, was suspicious in itself.

Furthermore, a breakdown lorry driver, who had picked up a car from in front of the dwelling where the attack was supposed to have happened said that he had not seen the ex-husband enter or leave – or anybody else, for that matter – during the time that he was outside, which coincided with the time given by the woman for the attack. He said that it was peaceful inside the house; i.e., there had been no noise to suggest an argument or violence was taking place. Furthermore, all the lights were out.

Editorial comment: the amount of damage that this woman has caused to women who really do suffer from domestic violence is considerable. It is a stab in the back for such women.

(News: Metropolitan Granada, Andalucia)

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