Alhambra’s New Website

GRA Alhambra Ticket WebisteAs of the 1st of March, those interested in visiting the Alhambra will be able to purchase their entrance tickets from its new website.

The system is much more straighforward than before, making it easy to see what you’re actually buying; or better said, what your entrance ticket entitles you to.

So how do you purchase one? Choose the type of entrance ticket you want. Well, by clicking on this link provided you simply have to follow the instruction, which is not difficult, as it is in English.

You don’t have to obtain your ticket online, because there are also ticket machines there. You can also do it by phoning a 24-hour service. And of course, there is always the ticket office on site, so you choose. Note, however, that the ticket office only sells tickets for that day.

From the 1st of March, 70% of all the tickets on sale for the whole year will be avaiable via direct sales; i.e., 1,934,450 entrance tickets.

Editorial comment: There is one negative point which is illogical and prevalent in Spain: charging a commission for online ticket purchase. It doesn’t matter whether it is buying an online ticket for a bus (Alsa) or an entrance ticket for the Alhambra, there is a surcharge. No matter that you are saving them the expense of employing a person to physically sell you the ticket, nor that you’re using your own ink to print your ticket; not theirs, you will be charged extra for saving them money.

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

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