Defensive Wall Restored

ALM town walls OnLAlmuñécar will recover some of its old town walls, which, as the town grew, ended up sandwiched between houses in Barrio San Miguel.

Going back to the 5th Century, Almuñécar only had one defensive wall centred upon the castle, then in the Nazarí period (Middle Ages) a second defensive wall was built that extended out to include the hill with the Church on it.

But the town continued to grow so by the 19th Century parts of the outer wall were demolished to let the barrios expand and in other places, masonry from the wall was used to build houses.

Now, thanks to a possible Central-Government grant for the recuperation of national heritage monuments, the Town Hall intends to spend close to a million euros on doing precisely that.

The wall that will be restored is the one that is above the Majuelo Park – the one that is shored up with girders. This section of wall (alfarería) was declared of Cultural Interest in 1985 and is a top priority for the Town Hall.

The municipal archeaologist, Ignacio Martin Lagos, explained that in the Barrio San Miguel much of the wall has disappeared completely or been used as a backwall for a house. In other places houses have been built up against either side, using it as a dividing wall.

So, where ever a section of the wall is exposed; i.e., is not part of somebody’s house, it will be restored.

The Councillor for Culture, Alberto García, said that he hopes that they will receive grant money, but if in the end they don’t, they will do it with their own funds, little by little. The wall above the Majuelo, for instance will cost about half a million to do.

Finally, the Coracha will be opened to the public. The Coracha is the wall above the Bird Park which originally connected with the Peñon del Santo before a local developer demolished it to build a seafront road and Hotel Sexi, bless his cotton socks…

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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