No Blind Dogs Allowed

SPN Three Blind MenThree blind men had decided to do the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, accompanied by their guide dogs. One of them is from Pampaneira (La Alpujarra) and they were all on the toughest leg.

Yet on Wednesday the 15th the hostel  owner said that no dogs were allowed and he didn’t seem to care that they were guide dogs and were better behaved than many humans.

They were exhausted after having completed the 5th leg; the one between Rabanal del Camino and El Acebo, both of which are in León. The day’s route was 17 kilometres but they ended up having to do another 10 until they found somewhere to sleep… with their dogs.

The intransigent hostel was Albergue Molinaseca (León) and the person that runs it was not having dogs in the building. “I don’t care if you are blind and that they are guide dogs; they’re not coming in.” After hearing these words they threatened to phone the Guardia Civil but his response was along the same lines, “You can phone who you want but you’re not coming in!”

They carried out their threat and reported the hostal owner for discrimination. According to regional laws, he be will facing a fine of between 9,000 and 90,000 euros.

Fortunately, the next hostel on route was more accommodating for José Manuel, Javier and Jordi and their respective guide dogs as indeed had all the hostels where they stayed previous to that particular night.

(News: Santiago de Compostela, Galicia)

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