Better the King of Beggars…

SPN Guardia Civil SergeantThousands of Guardia Civil, Sergeant Majors are refusing promotion to 2nd Lieutenant because of the drop in pay and prestige.

According to figures offered by the Asociación de Suboficiales de la Guardia Civil (Asesgc), more the 67%  of the Sergeant Majors who were up for promotion this year have refused the offer. In other words, one in every three.

The reason can be summed up by an old forces expression: better to be King of Shits than the Shit of the Kings; i.e., it is better to be the highest ranking noncom than the lowest of the lowest officer rank. And of course, it’s not only a case of prestige but also the pay drop as a junior officer is paid less than a senior NCO.

But it also has a lot to do with the Ministry of Defence juggling with job positions. Until now top administrative slots in HQs, Operation Centres, and Armouries were headed by Sergeant Majors whereas the MoD decided back in July last year that they will now go to junior lieutenants recently graduated from the academy. In other words, they used to put up with the pay loss because they would be department heads, whereas now, they will be second in command under newly commission junior officer… still wet behind the ears

Thanks, but no thanks.

(News: Spain)

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