Antonio, El Tonto

GRA El Tonto TombAntonio F. C., alias ‘El Tonto,’ was anything but tonto and regardless of whether his neurones were firing correctly or not, he was very much admired in his home town.

This hardened criminal was born in Pinos Puente and is buried in Pinos Puente… underneath an Audi SQ5.

Yes, Spanish Robin Hood was a specialist in knocking over large lorries and selling the swag through ‘supermarkets’ in his home town at risible prices. When we say supermarkets, they were just private houses used as outlets.

For this reason the people of the town decided to show their respect El Tonto by lavishly doing up his grave, giving it a motorcar-mounted headstone.

It goes without saying that El Tonto was a well known face in police stations with over 60 arrests under his belt, one of which was when he emptied a Corte Inglés lorry stacked full of expensive perfume valued at 1.5m euros, which was probably sold to the local lasses for a couple of bob per pint as toff-stlye smelly.

Yet he wasn’t only active in Granada and Jaén bur also ventured over the border into France to sort a couple of lorries out.

Antonio F.C. died of natural causes in prison at the age of 46, although his memory lives on… under an Audi SQ5

(News: Pinos Puente, Granada, Andalucia)

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