Sewage on Azucenas Beach

MOT Sewage in BarrancoThere has been sewage running down a Motril rambla that leads to Playa Azucena, next to the port. This situation has persisted for at least a fortnight.

We’re talking about the Rambla de Los Álamos, which runs under the Puente del Toledano; i.e., at the top end of the Kilometro Uno.

The problem was denounced by IU-Equo Motril. According to the political group’s Spokeswoman, Inma Omiste, the sewage spill has been caused by a failure in the filter system of Aguas y Servicios, which is the company that runs the sewage-treatment plants and provides mains water to the towns along the coast.

Sra. Omiste says that the actual breakdown occurred at some point along Rambla Capuchinos, in the sand-filters.

As the Puente del Toledano is an important road junction within Motril, it attracted many people who have taken photos of the sluggish water flow under the bridge.

Ecologistas en Acción has long brought attention to effluent waste pumping out onto this beach; one of the last virgin ones in Motril.

“The beach continues to receive sewage from the Rambla de los Álamos, because the company that runs the sewage-treatment plant uses the rambla as an overflow system when there is too much sewage to treat,” claims this ecologist group.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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