Taramay Landslip

ALM Currumbico Landslip 03There was a landslip around 06.00h on the 13th just above the Curumbico Beach. That’s the next one on from Cabria Beach in Taramay, Almuñécar.

Building work was taking place there, which appears to have caused a retaining wall holding back a lane to collapse. The said wall actually divides two separate urbanizaciones; one finished, one going up.

Since then the Town Hall Surveyor, Eduardo Zurita issued the following statement:

“We went round to the affected area and saw that a landslip had occurred, mainly because insufficient precautions had been taken during excavation work going on beneath a pre-existing retaining wall, undermining its foundations,” he claimed.

In the meantime time, the building site (except in the area where safety work has to be carried out) and the affected nearby houses have been cordoned off.

The building developer, Almugran Inversiones, who obtained all the required permits and licences to carry out the building work, also has to rebuild the access lane, which had subsided.

However, according to the developer, sewage drain offs from the houses above over the decades has had filtered down through the rock, weakening it, which provoked the collapse.

The fact is that just about all of the houses that exist on the Barranco del Curumbico lack sewage disposal; i.e., are not connected up to the municipal sewage system. Some have drain aways rather than emptiable septic tanks.

ALM Curumbico Landslip Drone 2The site engineer says that the area where they were excavating was oozing sewage water and that in places the diggers had come across pockets of loose sand within the rock, which had been eaten out by the sewage water seeping down over the decades.

The developer has backed its version of why the incident took place by taking samples of the water coming out of the rock. These samples confirm the presence of faeces bacteria. They say that the Mancomunidad also took samples some years back and found the same.

Finally, the site surveyor says that they are fed up with trying to tell the Town Hall what the problem has been since they started developing the lower hillside in 2014, calling on the Town Hall to install a sewage network on the hillside, connected up to the main municipal system… but to no avail. They also point out that the Town Hall is obliged to provide public lighting and rain & sewage drainage, amongst other infrastructure.

Editorial comment: How the hell has anybody been allowed to build so close to the sea in the first place?

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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    November 29, 2019 at 5:37 pm

    It’s a bit rich for the not so independent site engineer to roundly blame others – but it’s a well trained routine. Facts are : (1) the 2 incriminated houses have been empty for over 4 years or have had tanks for discharge water, since the builders of Casa Helios took the liberty to destroy their septic tanks when they destroyed the public stairs back in 2014 ; (2) the public stairs to the beach were destroyed without a building licence, and the developer was then compelled by Almuñecar to rebuild stairs (which, after 2 years of ‘building’, are still far from ready or accessible to the public), but the new stairs actually are out of the public domain, on a private plot ; (3) none of the samples the site engineers claims to have were taken with the help or under the control of an independent body like the town hall or Costas – why would a decent developer not call in the administration first thing ?… (4) Berning inc., owner of Casa Helios, is a ‘company’ with a capital of 100 dollars (no, no zeros missing…) registered in the US in… a letter box ; (5) the neighbouring plot has been grabbed by Berning as theirs – but although they have abused licences to carry out work on this plot, they do not own it ; (6) Berning also grabbed the end of a public street, calle Ibiza, in order to extend their claims to building rights, initially with scant reaction by the then maire’s deputy, and they cut off a 40 year old link between two urbanisations – the new administration has now confirmed that ; (7) the collapse took place after the site engineer looked over a deep excavation of about 5 or 6 m which, indeed, as confirmed by the administration, was not done with proper precautions : it is just as well no worker was caught and killed in the accident ; (8) the administration can confirm the numerous official complaints that were made by neighbours in the last 10 years (how do you pay a 10 year building site, to begin with ?…) and the fines that were issued (but never recovered, bizarrely), the paralyzation orders, the lack of licence for a crane for as much as 3 years, the illegal works carried out under the cover of a licence that did not include them, the illegal building of a partition wall that cuts off neighbourhoods from one another (built under the pretence it was a wall to retain terrain and reinstate the original situation). WE are fed up with this developer and his team. Call a spade a spade : it’s lies, manipulations, and probably a bit of corruption thrown in too… Come and see the site for yourselves, you’ll be amazed !

  2. November 28, 2019 at 1:23 pm
  3. November 28, 2019 at 1:21 pm

    In Curumbico they have had this construction for 10 years with erected unreliable cranes whistling and making noises at all hours. Can you put up with a construction for 10 years and every time they operate it’s destruction? The neighbors are fed up now. They pay luxury taxes in exchange for? Only self interest here. They have constructed a monstrosity at the beach right on the sea supposedly in a zone that conveniently has been altered to be excluded from maritime zone. How did that happen? The stairs have been destroyed to go down to the beach. They destroy green spaces and have constructed erected their own construction destroying everything in their path. Apologizing later, after the fact. Permit no permit. Paying fines and continuing. This construction site has been fined, stopped several times and is now collapsing. The city hall is tired of hearing about the work of “the Catalans”. They are at the town hall at the same time that neighbors are there complaining about them. They know perfectly well what is happening because it has been 10 years. When are we going to see that this work is totally unnecessary and they have gone up and down the mountainside with forklifts from the beach to the top destroying wildlife in a maritime, green and historical area/zone. In addition the work is investigated and a quantity of scams are discovered. Part of the land isn’t theirs. These people are not going to live in Curumbico. What can be done to remedy this situation? THERE IS AN ALGORROBICO IN CURUMBICO! There is talk of building licenses. We all know that Almuñécar has 400 cases of license irregularities and this is one more. You have to open your eyes. Do what is right!

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