Halt Demanded to Illegal Curumbico Building Work

ALM Curumbico OnLThe Izquierda Unida party has called upon the Almuñécar Town Hall to act against “illegal building work” above the Curumbico beach in Taramay.

The IU spokesman, Fermín Tejero commented, “It is a scandal that the Town Hall has not acted before against such an infringement of legality.”

The IU is referring to Casa Helios, which was granted a building licence to carry out modifications in May 2009.

“They are digging away at the hillside and have made an unauthorized access track, as well as dumping rubble and building waste just a few metres from the beach,” explained, Sr. Tejero.

The IU had been contacted by several locals to bring the affair to their notice so that something could be done about it.

It would appear that the Town Hall was requested to stop the building work immediately in April last year, until legality was restored. Thanks to these ‘denuncias’ building work was stopped and then resumed once the project was modified to include unauthorised actions.

Nevertheless, since then other irregularities have been carried out, claims the IU.

Again, after written complaints from the neighbours in May 2013, a report was drawn up (005/2013) and the builders were ordered to cease work immediately. However, the work continues regardless.

The neighbour also produced photographic evidence, such as the dumping of engine oil from the machinery, mere metres from the beach.

(News: Taramay, Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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