Salobreña Park Progresses

SAL Long Park WorkA quick trip along the return road for Salobreña beach reveals that the new park is definitely taking shape, with the land cleared virtually to the river.

Work began in March at the western end, where the strip park begins just below the existing Parque Fuente II. One-million euros later the green corridor has streaked eastwards, running parallel with Avenida de Andalucía, leaving rows of newly planted trees and bushes.

This new park is 30 metres wide and 1,150 metres long – trees and other obstacles apart, it could be a landing strip for its breadth and length! I’m not joking as a landing strip for light aircraft is between 1.21km and 1.35km in length. Some are even as short as 245m with a width of eight metres.

Anyway, back to the park… the Mayor says that there is only one part left to be cleared, which is behind Urbanización de la Fragata.

As for what’s on it, there is a bicycle lane as well as walkways and gardened areas, naturally. Furthermore, in the near future the fairground will be located somewhere along its length and right beside it. It will also be the location for the street markets.

Originally, the money to finance this project came from a concession from the building developers for the Plan Parcial Playa. However, as this deal was signed some time ago, the money had long since disappeared before the present administration got their hands on the municipal coffers, meaning that the money has had to come, instead, out of the annual budget.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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