Street Fight and Drugs

MOT Calle Mateos Alemán+A gang had planned to raid a dwelling in Motril to steal 19 kilos of marihuana ready for sale but things went wrong.

A neighbour saw four hooded men hanging around Calle Mateo Alemán (near the Municipal Stadium Escribano García) and phoned the Policia Nacional – the actual number turned out to be six.

An unmarked police car was despatched to the address and came across a group of young men beating up a man in the middle of the street. Without waiting the two plainclothes police officers jumped out the car and ran to the aid of the victim.

One stayed with him whilst the other gave chase to the aggressors, who all took off once they realised that it was a policeman after them. However, they rain into a deadend street and turned to face the policeman who tried to intimidate them without drawing firearm.

The six men turned on him and beat him up and then ran off… with the policeman’s regulation sidearm.

It wasn’t until a patrol car turned up that the police able to arrest three of the aggressors. Unfortunately the ones that attacked the plainclothes policeman and stole his weapon were not amongst them. However, the police know who they are so it is only a matter of time before they are arrested, say the police.

The man who was originally attacked, after being discharged from hospital, was escorted to his flat where the above mentioned quantity of marihuana was found, which brought about his arrest. The drug haul has a street value of 90,000 euros, if sold off in small quantities.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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