Vox & Untreated Sewage

SAL Itrabo Townhall OnLThe far-right political party, Vox Granada has decided to participate as a private prosecution in the case against the Mayor of Ítrabo over sewage disposal.

The Mayor stands accused on charges of having allegedly committed environmental offences by discharging untreated sewage into water causes.

However, he is one of seven mayors on the Costa Tropical facing this same charge, brought about by the Provincial Public Prosecutor. The villages are: Vélez de Benaudalla, Ítrabo, Molvízar, Sorvilán, Otívar, Jete and Albuñol.

EU Law and the Spanish Supreme court establish that each municipality is legally responsible for sewage disposal even though as individual entities it is beyond their capacity to do anything about it. For this reason municipalities with a certain area (in this case, Costa Tropical and La Alpujarra) pool funds and receive grants to form Mancomunidades, whose function it is to provide drinking water and dispose of sewage.

It was the Comunidad de Regantes Vega Baja de Ítrabo that brought this pollution problem to the notice of the Provincial Prosecution Office in 2014 resulting in a formal accusation being raised in January 2018.

According to Vox Granada, the ex-Chairmen of the Mancomunidad (José García Fuentes and Sergio García Alabarce) must provide explanations about why they allowed this to happen and assume their responsibility.

Furthermore, the Vice-Chairwoman of the Mancomunidad (actual Mayor of Salobreña) María Eugenia Rufino, Vox Granada considers, exhibited double standards when dealing with the contaminated water appearing off Salobreña beach whilst doing nothing over the inland sewage contamination.

As for the present Chairwoman of the Mancomunidad (and actual Mayor of Albuñol) María José Sánchez, she had held the post of Delegada del Ciclo Integral del Agua y Hacienda, therefore shares responsibility.

Editorial comment: why should Vox Granada get involved in this? Simply because not one of those standing accused is a member of their recently created party. Therefore it is a rather large stick to hit the main parties with (PP & PSOE).

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)


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