Pet Shop Abandonment

SPN Pet Shop Animal CrueltyThe Environmental Department of the Guardia Civil, Seprona, inspected a pet shop and found several dead animals and others in a grave state.

This incident, which took place in Burgos, Castilla-León, came to light after a report was made by a concerned citizen. The 37-year-old proprietor has since been charged with abandonment and maltreatment of animals.

The said shop owner had decided to close the shop down with the animals inside and to leave them to their fate, according to the police.

The police finally gained access via a third person to who the owner had entrusted a key. Some of the animals were taking into care by an Burgos-based animal refuge association and others were left in the temporary care of the person who possessed the key and had let the police in.

The owners decision to abandon the shop, it appears, came after an inspection carried out several weeks before where he was fined for the standard in which he kept the animals and ordered to remedy the situation, which included obtaining missing permits and licences.

(News: Burgos, Castilla-Leon)

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