70 Litter Bins

SAL New Litter Bins OnLSalobreña now sports 70 new litter bins, distributed all over the municipality – gripping news, we know!

This purchase was possible thanks to a surplus of 3.4m euros in the 2018 budget, part of which was destined for the Plan de Inversiones Financieramente Sostenibles, approved in a Plenary Meeting of the Town Council in May this year.

Each bin is made of metal and has a lid to stop the wind whipping out its contents and, a wonder of 21st Century technology, you can’t see the bag inside *Gasp!*

They are also supposed to be vandal-proof,  as the screws that keep them attached to their supports are hidden inside *Double Gasp!*

Oh, and Contenur, who supplies hoppers, has ceded new such containers to the Town Hall which have the capacity of 3,000 litre; they’re lower and longer than the previous ones. The rubbish-collection lorries and their crews are practicing to make sure that they can handle them.

Back to the litter bins – you thought that you had escaped this mindless drivel, hadn’t you! The ones that are placed in the old town along Calle Juan XXIII and Calle Al-Salam will be encased in wood to make them more aesthethically pleasing.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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