A Return to Old Tricks

cabra-parking-area-onlAbout three years ago there were vehicle break-ins on the Cabra road Well, the Guardia Civil have made another arrest for the same thing; targeting parked cars.

There is a walk up there, between the old gasoline station and the very top (Los Prados) where walkers leave their cars unattended several hours whilst they walk a long circuit. whilst they are away, slogging around the hillside above the beginning of the Junta de lo Rios, the unattended cars were broken into and the valuables within stolen.

This alleged 43-year-old culprit is from Algeria and is thought to have carried out at least seven car break-ins so far this year. Driving down from Granada and after checking that nobody was around, he would break a side window with a large stone and steal backpacks and bags; anything left in sight.

The break-in began in February and the last one was at the beginning of summer in June – it’s to hot to do the walk during the summer so most people do the route between late October and late May.

It was in June when he was rumbled but he manage to escape. In fact, his arrest did not take place until last month.

This same man was arrested for breaking into 45 vehicle on the same spot during 2016. He was caught after the Guardia Civil installed a hidden camera to catch him red handed. Some people never learn. You can read the article relating to that arrest by following this link.

Here is the video of him in action in 2016…

(News: Otivar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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