Elderly British Woman Mugged

Guardia Civil Policia JudicialA young man in Almería was arrested after allegedly mugging an elderly British woman. ripping  off three necklaces that she was wearing.

The Guardia Civil were able to identify and arrest 19-year-old J.A.G.M and return the stolen gold items to the victim.

This police action is part of the Plan Mayor, which is permanently in place, aimed at protecting the elderly. Part of Plan Mayor is also to provide informative chats about how to avoid being duped by fraudsters and improve their personal security both at home and out and about.

The police investigation into this particular incident began last month after the victim went to the Guardia Civil post to report the mugging.

She said that the young man had twice gone round to her home; the first time, showing an illegible note to her husband, only to return later with a note in English saying, “May I speak to your wife?”

When the victim came to the door to see what he wanted, he suddenly reached forward and snatched the three gold necklaces from her neck.

She was able to identify beyond doubt her attacker from the mugshots that the police had shown her and soon after he was taken into custody.

You can visit the Guardia Civil webpage to read the advice given and instructions on how to act should you fall victim to a scam or physical attack.

(News: Purchena, Almeria, Andalucia)

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