Rió Verde Sewage Problem

ALM EDAR OnLThe Junta de Andalucía is working on the sewage problems among the villages in the Valle de Río Verde above Almuñécar.

According to the project, Lentegí, Otívar and Jete will have their sewage channeled through a collector which will then send it down to the Almuñécar sewage-treatment plant (EDAR).

At the moment the project, which was begun in 2006, is open to input from the affected town halls and social entities. The original project contemplated an EDAR in Jete, although this idea was soon dropped.

We’re talking about a pipe 14.339 metres (14.3km) long running from Lentegí to the Almuñécar sewage-treatment plant situated by the river where the Barranco of Ítrabo comes out. This 315mm-diametre pipe will run 60cm below the surface, beginning its route running alongside the Lentegí irrigation channels (acequias).

In this manner the Junta plans to rectify a long outstanding deficiency, connecting 10,000 inhabitants to a sewage-treatment plant. This figure, however, is doubtful, because the project contemplates the following populations: Lentegí, 1,259, Otívar, 5,191 and Jete, 4,250 inhabitants. In reality, Lentegí struggles to have a population of just under 400 and Otivar, just over a thousand. These could be projected figures; i.e, future growth but even so, it seems very exaggerated.

So, how much will it cost? The budget is just under 7m euros with a job duration of 18 months.

The problem is that many in Almuñécar are not happy with this arrangement and want Jete to have its own EDAR; they’re worried that handling the sewage from the three other villages will cause problems in the Almuñécar plant. There are already problems when the population of Almuñécar triples in the summer.

And the Mancomunidad is not happy, either, and wants an alternative. Then there is also the problem of the compulsory purchase of land; some 30,000 sq/m.

Time is of the essence, so something must be done quickly. Originally, the mayors of villages without EDARs were going to be taken to court but a court finding acquitted the mayors of Cájar y Monachil, finding instead that that Junta is the responsible entity.

(News: Valle de Rio Verde, Granada, Andalucia)

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