Rules All-Night Sit In

FP Rules Protest OnLThe Rules Dam was the site of an all-night protest with participating campaigners camping out on the parking area.

All told 30 farmers participated to demand that the Junta de Andalucía extends the pipeline that presently ends in Molvízar on into the Valle Río Verde and from there to Río Seco and Jate.

Asociación Agua para el Campo organised the event, starting at 11.00h and ending at the same time the next day, which took the form of an all-night vigil rather than a noisy protest.

The existing pipeline from the dam to Molvízar is known as the Tubería Negra (Black Pipe)

“The objective of our demands is for the project drawn up by Tragsa be brought about,” explained Joaquín Cabrera, the Chariman of the association, adding that this project had been taken up as pledges by successive political parties during electoral periods but dropped soon afterwards.

The Black Pipeline brings water down from the Béznar Damn to the Collado Serrano at the top of Valle Río Verde.

Sr. Cabrera said that they could not afford to wait indefinitely as  several wells have already dried up, adding “If it does not rain a lot this autumn, tropical plantations could disappear.”

He concluded by saying that their association is prepared to co-finance the project, as there administrations are not going to dedicate any money until 2020. He said that they had already spent in the last few years around 4m euros on electricity bills for the well pumps, so co-financing would not be a problem.

(News: Velez de Benaudalla, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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