Brits Nabbed in Drugs Bust

AND Brits Busted OnLFive British citizens, three men and two women, were arrested in Málaga, accused of being members of a drugs ring.

The accused allegedly used parcel-delivery firms to move pills made up of a mixture between hashish and marihuana to other European countries from their base in Málaga.

The police bust seized 52 kilos of the said substance and another 51 kilos of vacuum-packed, cogollos (shoots).

According to the police, at first, the suspects were sending packages only sparodically but the frequency soon increased to become constant. In the meantime the gang members were constantly moving between rented accommodations and frequently changed rental cars in order to avoid detection from the police.

It was in May that two consignments containing seven packages for Sweden, Poland and Denmark. When the separate packages were opened they were found to contain 42 kilos of marihuana in vacuum-packed bags.

Later shipments last month involved three packages destined for the UK and Sweden. It was only after these latter interceptions that the police moved in and search the suspects’ abode, culminating in the five arrests aged between 28 and 62.

(News: Malaga, Andalucia)

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