Lorry Burns on A-7

COS Lorry Burns on A-7 SorvilánThe disruption to traffic on the A-7 when a lorry carrying watermelons caught fire around midnight Wednesday was still causing problems on Friday.

One of the westbound lanes where the autovía passes through Sorvilán had to be closed to traffic on two consecutive days.

The rig (cabin) was completely burnt out whereas the trailer, loaded with this kind of fruit, was only partially damaged. The first step, therefore, was to unload the cargo.

It was around 00.30h Thursday that the emergency number 112 received an alert on the stricken lorry near kilometre point 365 on the said A-7, just after the Los Romancillos Tunnel.

When the fire service arrived they soon put out the blaze and stopped it spreading to the trailer.

Later in the day another lorry arrived to transfer the load and then a breakdown lorry arrived to remove the burnt-out rig, but the now empty trailer remained.

(News: Sorvilan, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: still from video)

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