High-Speed Train to Madrid

GRA AVE Granada-MadridTests on the high-speed-train connection between Granada and Madrid are rapidly concluding, with the service soon to be operative. In fact, tickets are on sale based on the timetable, although a specific date isn’t included.

The trials are for training the drivers, more than anything else, with 24 trips in each direction every day between Antequera and Granada City.

The fastest route between Granada and Madrid will take three hours, 19 minutes, which is the 07.00h train and the 19.08h train will take three hours, 24 minutes. The trains leaving Madrid are the 07.20h, the 14.35h and the 19.35h. This last train arrives at 22.54h.

There are also Barcelona trains, which leave there at 06.50h, arriving in Granada at 13.15h. The Barcelona-bound train leaves at 15.35h, arriving at 22.00h, taking six hours, 25 minutes.

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

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