Kawasaki Kruising

LHR Kawasaki Bike MeetThe Vulcan Owners Club Spain (VOCS), which represents Kawasaki Vulcan owners in Spain, will be in Almuñécar and La Herradura this weekend. The XXI Weekend VOCS event will count on almost 200 bikes  of this type from all over Spain.

The first bikers started arriving on Thursay and will be staying until Sunday at the Hotel Best Alcázar. The big day, however, is today, starting with a slow ride (parade) taking in San Miguel Castle and the Parque Majuelo amongst other locations.

The bikes will leave Hotel Best Alcázar, escorted by the envious Policía Local on their municipal bikes, at 10.30h, heading for La Herradura beach via the Punta de la Mona road.

After covering the paseo road and Calle Alhambra, they’ll head out of town via the Acera del Pilar to take the main road to Almuñécar… leaving smoking ruins behind them.

Entering Almuñécar via Costa Banana and scattering all resistance before them, they’ll head down the Avenida Costa del Sol, through la Carrera de la Concepción and down Avenida de Andalucía to reach the Paseo del Altillo, Paseo de la Caletilla and Plaza de Abderramán I, which is beneath the Peñon de Santo.

They’ll rest up there for an hour to visit the castle (and set fire to it) and the Majuelo where hostages will be exchanged for beer and packets of fags.

They’ll then mount their metal steeds and doodle along the Paseo de las Flores, Calle Guadix, looping back around the top of town to descend along Avenida Juan Carlos I, spreading terror, carnage and friendly waves until they end up in Velilla to knock back tapas at Restaurante Árbol Blanco.

From there they will take the Tesorillo junction back up to the main road and sod off back to Hotel Best Alcázar, but not before scouring La Herradura Beach for a spot of villainous revving and snapshots.

The Vulcan Owners Club Spain (VOCS) was founded in 1998 and so far nobody has gone to jail even though most members are seriously over-tattooed, and that’s just the women.

(News: Almunecar/Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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