Sorting Through Electoral Chaff

AND electionsUnfortunately during this last week of the local elections it’s hard to find any real news that isn’t just electoral flatulence gushing out from all sides.

Everybody is promising everything under the Sun. Each party announces that it is going to do this, or do that, if only citizens will vote for their party. It’s depressing and inevitable.

One slowly comes to the conclusion that the taxpayer should save his/her money and scrap election campaigns altogether so that when the day of voting comes around, people will give their backing with their vote according to what a political party has achieved in the previous four years, and not on what they say they will do over the next four years.

So how are things shaping up with voting taking place this Sunday? Well, in Salobreña the Mayoress will probably keep her seat but with a narrower margin. Lobres residents are far from happy with her and people living down in the beach area won’t be sending her any Christmas cards either, but she will probably get in. As for the rest of the parties there, well the PP might well disappear altogether owing to Vox making large gains all along the Costa Tropical.

Motril? that’s a tougher one to call, but the general rise of Vox in the municipality will be made at the expense of the PP, whilst Ciudadanos also chips away at them. Will Flor Almón keep the Mayoralty? Really can’t say, but by Sunday evening we will know.

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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