Spain Roared

SPN Election ResultsYes, Spain roared; it roared that it wasn’t going to follow many countries in Europe and succumb to extreme right-wing parties.

The emergence of the far-right party – Franco nostalgists – in Spanish politics has only served to destroy the Spanish right wing from within by scaring off centre-left voters who had previously cast their votes over the centre divide.

The PSOE socialists won, cleanly, the General Elections with 123 seats, leaving its traditional rival, the PP, well behind with only 66 seats.

Summing up these election results, Vox didn’t come to lead the right wing, but, unwittingly, to destroy it from within.

When PM Pedro Sánchez spoke from the balcony to address the celebrating crowds in front of the party’s headquarters, he was met with a very clear message – they didn’t want a coalition with, arguably, the new centre right party, Ciudadanos, but with the far-left party, Unidos Podemos.

But it isn’t all over because now we face the Municipal Elections on the 26th of May, where Vox will make gains, but the fact remains very clear, the Central Government is in socialist hands and the feared irruption of extremist Vox has fizzled out on a national level with only 24 seats, well below their own expectations of 50/60 seats but with only one fifth of the seats won by the PSOE.

One last point; the turn out beat the historic turn out of 2004, when the Al Qaeda bombings of the Madrid train stations resulted in the PP, who had backed Bush’s invasion of Iraq to the hilt, being unceremoniously ousted: only one in four of the 35 million Spaniards eligible to vote stayed at home this year. The rest, headed off a right-wing extremist party off at the pass.

It makes you proud of the Spanish – Ole sus huevos!

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