Objective 10,000 for Jimena

MOT Kid Needs HelpObjective: find 10,000 euros by the 23rd of October – that is what the family of little Jimena in Motril is trying to achieve.

You see, Jimena, who was born with a cleft lip and palate, needs this much money to give her a normal life without this facial disfigurement. If every resident in Motril were to donate just 16 cents then it is possible.

Obviously, they don’t expect every single Motrileño to make that donation, but it gives an idea that the amount is not an insurmountable target.

Jimena Estévez, who is only 15-months old, was born with a cleft lip and palate. She was only six months old the first time that she went under a surgeons scalpel.

Her mother, Divina Heredia, remembers all to well what her child has had to go through, “I’ve cried to myself day after day,” she says, whilst trying not to show it before her other daughter, who is six.

Jimena was first operated on almost a year ago at the Hospital Materno de Granada but although they managed to fix the cleft lip,  her cleft palate remains because the doctors said that she had to wait until she was 12-years old.

But her mother was not having it so she flew to Barcelona and back in one day to consult a private doctor, who confirmed that it was not necessary to wait so long.

The family has left collection boxes in several business premises in Motril and has opened a bank account to receive donations (ES88 2100 2489 3801 1081 5849). They also set up three raffles, one of which was for a basket of different perfumes, which has already been drawn, and two more for a shopping trolley of goods and the other for a pack of hairdressing products.

Every bit helps.

But the big event will be the 25th of May when the well known Flamenco duo, Los Hermanos Jacoba will perform at the Centro de Desarrollo Turístico in Motril. The Town Hall is providing the venue, the sound & lighting equipment and the publicity posters. The brothers, for their part, will perform free of charge.

On the night dance pupils from the Escuela de Baile de Mercedes Martín will also perform and the organisers are waiting for confirmation from a renowned Flamenco dancer.

Entrance tickets will cost between ten and twelve euros and will go on sale at the beginning of April. Seats on Row Zero can be purchased by those that wish to support the cause without actually going to the concert.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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