Underwater Photography Competition

LHR Diving Event 2 OnLThe II Open de Fotografía y Vídeo Submarino Bahía de La Herradura was announced at the More Aqua Show in Madrid held during the penultimate weekend of March.

This underwater photography and video competition will be held in La Herradura Bay between the 31st of October and the 3rd of November, coinciding with the All-Saints bank-holiday weekend.

The First Councillor for the village, Juan José Ruiz Joya, praised the richness and beauty of the the bay’s seabed becoming one of the municipalities main tourist attractions within the diving world.

For this reason, he considers, the Open de Fotografía is an ideal way to promote this facet the village. The Councillor for Tourism, on the other hand, underlined the importance of maintaining our marine biosphere as healthy as possible by promoting social awareness for the conservation of the subaquatic environment and ecosystems.

As far as the competition goes, it is open to anyboy who posses a diving certificate and the obligatory FEDAS/CMAS insurance coverage. Being able to blow fetid bubbles in the bath and wave your bathtub periscope menacingly at your wife does not count.

Photographs will be taken in designated areas marked on maps issued by the organisers. All competitors must have a diving companion for safety reasons, a dive computer, (personal decompression computer or decompression meter) and a signal decompression buoy.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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