Oleaje Causing Waves

MOT Chiringuito OleajeWe reported some weeks ago about Chiringuito Oleaje on Playa Granada; how it might be forced to close down – there have since been developments.

The chiringuito, as previously reported, was built on 1,300 sq/m of publicly owned land, leased out for this purpose in 2011.

If in the next Plenary Meeting of the Town Council it is approved to withdraw the operating licence awarded to Marisquería Chill Out Swing S.L., then the company will not only lose the business, but may also have to foot the bill for its demolition. However, demolition is unlikely.

If they’re ‘lucky,’ the Town Hall will take it off their hands, allowing it to stay and probably lease it out again.

The reason that the Town Council is debating this is because the company hasn’t paid its annual rent of 1,300 euros for the last eight years so that it has knocked a debt of 150,000 euros.

The chiringuito owners, however, are not taking it lying down and will attempt to block the move through administrative stalling and/or legal action because they do not intend to lose a building/business worth 1.2m euros over a 150,000-euro debt.

In fact, Marisquería Chill Out Swing S.L. might have an investor up their sleeves who would be willing to pay off the debt in one go and thus save the leasing contract.

MOT Oleaje OnLGiven the choice between a drawn-out, legal battle and 150,000 euros, safely tucked away in the municipal coffers, the Town Council will probably jump at the chance.

So what brought Chiringuito Oleaje to this desperate situation? According to one of the partners, it was infighting for control of the company after changes in the partnership members, coupled with bad management. (Photo from the inauguration in 2013 under the previous Mayor).

But there has also been some inexplicable behaviour on the Town Council’s part. Why was such a debt allowed to accumulate – no other private business would have been allowed to do that? Why did it get away with opening without a licence in the first few months? Does the fact that one of the councillors is a relative of one of the partners have anything to do with it?

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical Granada, Andalucia)

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