Pinned by Reversing Lorry

MOT Santa Ana main entrance OnLA 43-year-old man was pinned to a wall by a lorry in Motril yesterday morning, whilst working in a dairy yard.

It was around 08.45h that the emergency number 112 received a call telling of how a reversing lorry had pinned the man to the cow-shed main door.

The victim had sustained injuries to both his thorax and abdomen and was rushed to Hospital Santa Ana in Motril.

No further information was available at the time of the writing of this article concerning his medical state.

Editorial note: all sources speak of a vaquería (dairy) but Motril also has an area called Vaquerías. In fact, there is even a lane and a barrio with that name. After nearly 40 years here I have never heard of a dairy farm in Motril. So, although we have followed the information reflected by at least five different news sources; regional and national ones, I suspect that everybody has got it wrong, including us.

Update 10.06h: I have just spoken with the Policía Local in Motril and they confirmed that there is no dairy farm in Motril, so the official press release issued was incorrect, it seems, so the victim was pinned to a large door by a lorry somewhere on the Camino de las Vaquerías or the Barrio Las Vaquerías – the police would not confirm which, just that there is no “vaquería” in Motril.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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