Teen, Wood stove, House Fire

ECO Gualchos House Fire 01There was a house fire in Gualchos on the 25th in Nº2 Calle Cerrillo which caused extensive damage before it could be put out, leaving the family homeless.

It has since come to light that the fire was caused by the 16-year-old son whilst trying to light the wood stove in the sitting room. He was accompanied by two 14-year-old friends.

The lad was trying to light it when, by accident, according to his own account of the incident, a flame set fire to the sofa and from there the fire spread rapidly.

The two friends rapidly fled the house whilst the son stayed behind to phone the emergency services and try to put it out himself. He soon realised that it was a losing battle and that his life was in danger so he got out as well.

The first to arrive were the Policía Local from Gualchos-Castell, followed by the Guardia Civil and then the Motril fire service.

Whilst the police were waiting for the fire service to arrive they established a safety perimeter because there were gas bottles inside. Thanks to the efforts of the fire personnel, the fire was put out but not before the dwelling was semi gutted.

The family are now staying with their eldest daughter, as they have lost just about everything.

(News: Gualchos, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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