Racism in Almuñécar

ALM RacismThere is a Moroccan family in Almuñécar that has suffered numerous acts of vandalism on the family car, with racist remarks scratched on the paintwork.

The father, taking advantage of the holiday period, took the car back to Morocco to get it resprayed but to no avail – all told, the car has been targeted six times, no matter where the family parks it.

The father arrived in Almuñécar 30 years ago and married a local woman from the Barrio de Los Marinos.

The daughter, F.R., has reported each incident to the Guardia Civil but to no avail and now says that she lives in fear. “They’re watching us; they know when we go out and when we come home… and where we park the car.”

The vandals have repeatedly scratched the racist message, Vete Moro! (Go home, Moor). Bear in mind that in Spain, Moro, is a racist name for a Moroccan and just about any North African or Middle-Eastern Arab. It is equivalent to “sand-nigger.”

Apart from the ‘message,’ the vandals also scratched the body work, back, front and sides.

The mother, in desperation, published what was happening on her facebook account, which received 230 comments in support , describing the family as “Almuñécan, hard workers and good people.”

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The local branch of the PSOE through its Secretary General, Rocío Palacios, has expressed their indignation at the situation, stating, “they are hard-working couple who have been completely integrated for many years, with hijos almuñequeros.”

Many locals who feel very strongly about this situation have suggested installing cameras and giving the family money to have the car repaired.

Editorial comment: Spain has always had a lot of racism but like in Britain of the 60s and 70’s it wasn’t recognised as such. However, the rise of far-right, anti-immigrant/Muslim racism across Europe and in the States these sort of incidents are starting to manifest themselves in our own towns and on our streets. And now it is becoming institutionalised through extremist political parties, such as Vox.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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