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Racism in Almuñécar

(COH 09C) There is a Moroccan family in Almuñécar that has suffered numerous acts of vandalism on the family car, with racist remarks scratched on the paintwork.

Plane Madness

Having been on both ends of the screaming toddler on plane problem, this next story is difficult to believe, from either standpoint.
Joe Rickey Hundley, a 60-year-old man from Idaho, decided he had had enough of the distressed 2-year-old and decided to ask the mother to quieten the infant down, however, his alleged choice of words probably didn’t help the situation, “Will you shut that n****r baby up!”

Unwelcome Neighours

Locals are not happy with the pronounced arrival of Romanian Gypsies from the Levante. No fewer than nine mini shantytowns have sprung up near Barrio Los Alamos.