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Choked on the Midnight Grapes

By Vivienne Hughes

A 3-year-old child died in Gijón (Asturias) after choking on a grape during the New Year ritual of swallowing grapes to the midnight chimes. »

New Recycling Containers

By Martin Myall

The Almuñécar Councillor for the Environment, Luis Aragón explained that the town is getting 14 new recycling bins. »

New Year with a Difference

By Louise Powell

You don't have to wait until the 31st of December to celebrate New Year because on the 1st Saturday of every August, Bérchules in the Alpujarra holds its own one. »

A Nordic Happy New Year

By Marianne Lindahl

After two weeks with us, she seems adapted to our way of life. She knows what the word “nej” (no!) and kom! (come!) means. She is 2 ½ months old now, and looks like a miniature polar bear. And the “calling cards” in our big kitchen becomes fewer every day. »

Xmas & New Year at Reina Sofia

By Editor

Xmas & New Year at Reina Sofia in Almuñécar »

New Year’s Dinner at Chambao Joaquín

By Louise Powell

Joaquin at La Herradura's Chamboa Joaquín will be going all out to provide a splendid New Year's Dinner, including the traditional midnight grapes and even... Cuban cigars! »

New Year in August

By Vivienne Hughes

What began life as a disappointment has turned into a tourism success for Bérchules in the Alpujarra. »

The Feminine Touch

By Marianne Lindahl

As far as I can remember, Almuñécar has never been as beautifully adorned for Christmas as this year. The spectacular Christmas tree at the Town Hall square, with hundreds of poinsettias in a 7 metre high structure, and the fabulous decorations of the many roundabouts, especially the one at Avenida Carlos I, with... »

Christmas and New Year Menus

By Editor

Seven restaurants in Almuñécar offer their festive menus here, describing content, times and prices - plenty to choose from if you still haven't decided on where you will be eating, come Christmas and New Year. Note: Argentina Steakhouse haven't given us the details yet but it is worth pointing out that they celebrate ... »

Los Laureles Festivities

By David Darby

Mark has kindly given me the menus for Christmas and New Year at the fabulous Los Laureles. So pin your reading ears back, take note, and book early or be disappointed: Christmas 2009 Menu - €25 »

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