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New Year’s Eve at Sabina

Still thinking about where to go on New Year’s Eve? Well, why not treat yourselves and see in the New Year at Restaurant Sabinas on Paseo de San Cristobal in Almuñécar?

Festive Firmvm

Restaurante Firmvm, now under the management of Nacho (ex-Árbol Blanco), has a choice of three group or company menus on offer for this Christmas and New Year. (News/Business: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

A Nordic Happy New Year

After two weeks with us, she seems adapted to our way of life. She knows what the word “nej” (no!) and kom! (come!) means. She is 2 ½ months old now, and looks like a miniature polar bear. And the “calling cards” in our big kitchen becomes fewer every day.